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Hi folks! As my “holiday season” gift to myself I purchased a 65 gallon tank
(36” L x 18” W x 24” H) that will eventually become heavily planted with compressed co2 in which a small community of fish/snails/shrimp etc will live. My problem is I’m having a difficult time determining which lighting setup I should buy. I have narrowed it down to three options:

1) Coralife 36” Aqua light 2x96W = 192W = 2.95 WPG
2) Tek Tight T5 36” 4x39W = 156W = 2.4 WPG
3) Tek Light T5 36” 6x39W = 234W = 3.6 WPG

I have been told that the T5’s put out more light so I should not get the 6x39W and that the 4x39W would be sufficient. The Aqua light is an option only because of its low initial cost in comparison to the Tek Lights, but I’m a little worried that the pc lights won’t penetrate all the way down my 24” tank, although, I’ve heard otherwise. I won’t be growing very difficult plants but if I wanted to in the future, which set up would you guys recommend with out going overboard? I really don’t want to get into MH’s because of heat issues and hanging things from my ceiling or walls in my new apt. Great forum btw! I'm going to hit the bar now...y'all have a good new years eve!!!
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