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Hi, hope this is in the right place, (bit confused, tried to join the u.k. forum and ended up on the u.s. one then back here.......presumably they're part of the same one), anyway I need help on choosing which light unit to use in what will be my planted's 5ft x 2ft x 19.5" and approx. 450 litres and will hold Odessa Barbs and various Tetras, I've got 2 choices as far as the lights I've got are concerned, I have a 1000mm Arcadia Classica pendant with 2x 150w metal halides in or 2x 1100mm Arcadia Eco Aqua 36w LED tubes, I fancy hanging the halide pendant over my 2 metre tank that holds large fish if I'm honest or will this be the best one for the plants?
Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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