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Which light is better for my plants?

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I have a 10 gallon tank set up with a bit of plants, which light is best for my tank? I currently have these to choose from:

13W 825 lumens 6500k mini spiral CFL bulbs

Hatch lighting 15T10/CL 120V I don't know anymore information on this bulb but it makes a nice yellow light.

I would appreciate it if anyone could inform me which of these two lights will increase my plant growth.

Thank you


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The mini spiral fluorescent hands down.

The Hatch is an incandescent bulb. You would need a lot more watts over the tank to get the same amount of light as a fluorescent bulb. The fluorescent you listed has 825 lumens, this incandescent has 115.

Most of us with planted tanks prefer the color of fluorescent bulbs too, it can look more like daylight if you use a 5000-6500K rated bulb.
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