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Which light color is better for Glo-Light Tetras?

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I have a few Glo-Light Tetras in my tank and I was wondering which color light would make their color show up better? I have a white light, A red light & a blue light. Thanks! :icon_smil
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actinics or blacklight
I get amazing fish color display
by combining any white bulb
with a Coralife ColorMax bulb.
Thanks guys!! I'll try to get one of those. If I can find one. :icon_smil
Again, Thanks!
I find Hagen's aquaglo lights to bring out even better color than the Coralife colormax bulbs (I have both). The Hagen's are only available as T8s (unless you go HO), and obviously you'd need to match your bulb to your ballast.
I like the Colormax tubes for T5. I pull them from the fixtures to put in better plant tubes, but use them when I want to just show off the fish instead of growing the plants... :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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