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Hey all, I'll try to make this short:

I have a Fluval Spec V (10" tall) that needs a light upgrade.

My goal is to have enough lighting that allows me to use a broad variety of plants (maybe some weak carpets or red-colored plants) but where:

  • I don't have to trim or cut regularly (e.g. multiple times a week)
  • CO2 isn't necessary but DIY may help
  • Where bottled ferts is still economical - as in I don't need to EI dose or fert daily.

(this may all be dreamy but anything close to it would be great!)


I've narrowed it two lights (if you have alternatives, that'd be great!)

Here they are with their associated PAR levels per the LED Par sticky:

1. Finnex FugeRay (18 PAR at 12")

2. Finnex Ray II (49 PAR at 12")

The light will most likely rest on the tank's rims - so we're talking very little added space between the light and surface of the water.

I would love to go the Ray II route but I don't want to get into a trap where the lighting forces me to upgrade to pressurized CO2 and the whole schebang....and I'd prefer not to decrease the photo-period to 2 hours :icon_eek:

Which is closer to what I think I want in your more-experienced opinion?

Thanks for the help!
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