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Which LFS will buy fish from hobbyists?

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Does anybody in MPLS now if the local fish stores will buy from hobbyists?
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I'd give them a call. The mom and pop types are your best bet. Here they don't anymore. Too much risk introducing them to a central system. At least with diseased fish farm stock they have someone they can blame. Not that it gets them any money back.

Here some of them will "take"them for free. And they act like they are doing you a favor.

Worth calling something fishy, world of fish, aquatropics, etc. not sure where in MPLS area you are.
Depends on what you mean "buy"

If you mean cash, you're less likely to get any takers. However if you're willing to trade/take credit, you might want to check Forest Lake Pets. There was also a store just south of 10/169, I can't remember the name of it but it was run by a nice woman (whom had a couple huge tortoises wandering around the store) who also might be approachable.

This was a couple years ago, I can't guarantee they ever did take fish from local breeders, nor what their policy might be now. I do know that both were interested in giving me store credit for various plants.

As Overstocked mentioned, sometimes taking fish from local breeders is risky. I've heard horror-stories of one bad bunch of fish knocking out an entire store's stock. Of course they should have used quarantine tanks, but the "local breeder" gets the blame and ma&pa storeowner no longer take fish in from anyone but licensed breeders for "insurance reasons."
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Sorry i should of been more specific. I live in south minneapolis, and my local lfs is aqualand. By buy i mean pay cash or give you alittle discount in the store.
I know places like petsmart and petco rarely do this.
I'm trying to get rid of my endlers, but it seems i have no takers so im going to try and sell them to the lfs
Well ive never had a single death (except one stuck behind a moss wall) so hopefully there disease free. Ill call around and see, and my last resort will be an RAOK, then humane disposal :(
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