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Which Giesemann bulbs for 75 Gall 3x54W or 4x54W

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Hey there,

About to purchase a light fixture from catalina and looking to see what sort of discount i can get from them if i choose to go with only the fixture and no bulbs.

I hear alot of good things about giesemann bulbs. Which one should i get? All Midday bulbs?

Also, which fixture is sufficient for a 75 gallon running pressurized CO2 and placed 2 inches above a the rim? Deciding between 3x54W or 4x54W?

Has anyone managed to integrate a small PC fan into the fixture itself for some active cooling?

This will all be going into a wooden canopy and i am worried that things will get a little hot in there.
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I think a computer fan should work well. They're pretty small, cheap, and quiet.

I personally like running mixed bulbs over my tanks, I think it helps to "balance out" the colors. My "ideal" is running a pink bulb, 6500k, and 10k bulb.

You're getting a retrofit kit rather than trying to install a pre-built fixture inside your canopy, right? I defnitely would not install a full fixture inside the canopy- I think that's asking for heat issues even with a fan. The Solar T5HOs are designed to channel heat up to the vent up on top of the fixture, so you don't want anything blocking the top of the fixture.
Definitely ask Catalina for suggestions on the best product to use with a canopy. I also think a retrofit kit is probably a better choice to go in a canopy. They can also advise you about whether you need a fan.

x2 on mixing color temps to get the look you want unless you like the stark white look of using only 10K bulbs or the slightly yellowish look of daylight bulbs.
I would get 2 Midday bulbs and 1 Aquaflora bulb. Where are you getting your Giesemann bulbs? has the best prices.

3x54 will be perfect. If you want super high light or variability of having an extra set of bulbs to play around with, go with the 4x54.
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