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Hello Everyone =)

I recently set up a 95 gallon planted aquarium and I have some duckweed in my aquarium, not that I want it in there but I just realized today there's no duckweed left,

Do you know which one of these fishes in my tank might have ate them?

1) clown loach (probably not?)
2) otto catfish (probably not?)
3) kribs
4) bosmeni rainbows
5) endlers

Any ideas?
I'm leaning towards the rainbows, although I do see the kribs goto the surface when I drop food in

any ideas?

ok did some research some of the older threads say it's the rainbow fish,
how about my glosso, usually glosso gets out of control but I just planted in some new glosso and they're all gone in a few days =(
could it have been the rainbowfish too?

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