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Hi! I have been browsing through other threads and forums regarding 75g Low-Tech tanks, and now am down to my final Filtration descision. I have a few options I am looking at and am just not sure which route would be the best for me.
I have hardy plants that will do fine in a River Style tank. I have fish that appreciate highly oxygenated water with fast flow and constant ripples at the surface. I want to have 2 filtration systems, one on either side of the tank for optimum flow. I want something that will be cost effective over time not requiring constant replacement parts or continuous sponge change-outs.
Here's what I am looking at: around 700gph which averages moving the water 10'xs an hour.
1 Rena Filstar XP4 paired with 1 Hagen Fluval AquaClear Powerhead 70
1 AquaClear 110 Power Filter paired with 1 Rena Filstar XP3
1 AquaClear 110 Power Filter paired with Hagen Fluval AquaClear Powerhead 70
2 AquaClear 110 Power Filter
AquaClear ProFlex sump Model 2 paired with a powerhead

All suggestions will be greatly helpful! Thank you!!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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