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Which color temp?

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I currently have a 2x96W setup on my 75 gallon tank. I am using 2 Panasonic 9.3K lights. They are working great and I actually have a third for a spare, but the light color seems to be a bit too white. It looks like mid-afternoon in a desert. I would like a little more of a "warmth" in there. I was thinking about replacing 1 of them with a 5k or 6.7k light.

I am wondering which one I should get. I have read that the 5k makes the reds pop a little better, which the 9.3's kinda wash the reds out a little IMO. Or should I just go with the 6.7k? I know this is probably preference, but wanted to get some opinions here.

My tank is setup with an assortment of plants, mostly greens at this point, fourite as a base, and African bogwoods throughout. Sorry, I don't have pics at this point.
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I vote 9300k & 6700k which is yellow enough, no need to dip down to 5000k
Personally I use 8800k & 6700k & Colormax, all three make my tank colors pop!
They would both work. I would pick the 6700K, since a tank with too warm of a color temp. isn't pleasing to my eye, but some like it.

I use straight 10000K, but that's just me.
Ok, 6700 it is.. Thanks :)
I'd try the Colormax/6700K bulbs that Spypet mentioned.
Left, he only has 2 bulbs in that fixture, and just wants to change 1.
truthfully 6700/Colormax alone is a bit dim, so a third high kelvin bulb
is needed to brighten things up, and improve overall color contrast.
Thats why I'd never want to be stuck with a 2 bulb fixture unless it
was a PCF in which each side of the tube can be a different color.

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I think I am just going to order the 6700 from AH Supply tomorrow. Thanks for the input, but now you're making me debate the 3rd light again... I think I will be good at 2.5wpg for the moment...

I just ordered my pressurized CO2 setup and after I get that installed, I may move up to 3 at some point and try the CoralLife then. I am having some issues with heat buildup with the 2 at this point since it is a full hood and will need to install a fan setup for the 3 as well.

Thanks again all for the great information... Once again the forums answer the debated questions!
...truthfully 6700/Colormax alone is a bit dim, so a third high kelvin bulb
I use the Cralife 6700K/Colormax with the 6700K/10,000K bulb from Current. It works great in my 2x65w Orbit.
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