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which carpeting plant

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My tank is:
130 gallons
MTS capped with eco complete
injecting co2
EI dosing
128watts of t8 (waiting on my 80watt x2 T5HO kit to install it)
whole lot of empty foreground

I want something that I wont be having to trim every week, being that the tank is so large. I have been reading on different carpeting plants on here, my head is kind of spinning with all of the different kinds. What would you guys suggest?

Would a smaller plant make the tank look bigger?
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Glossostigma (my personal favorite carpet)

easy to growing...looks good

fair warning tho...its a pretty aggressive grower but it will fill in all of your voids
For low maintenance eleocharis belem is a great choice. Somewhat slow to grow in but once it fills in it does not require mowing like some of the larger hair grasses. It is low growing which will help give the illusion that the tank is bigger.

I also like the staurogyne repens. Easy to grow, stays low, fills in quickly and easy to trim.

Sorry MrMoneybags but I found glosso to be a really messy plant to deal with. Agree that it looks good and grows fast but it didn't last long in my tank.
captain bu,

Im liking the suggestion of staurogyne repens after reading about it, I think it will work. It looks awesome too so thats a major plus. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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