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Which all-in-one fertilizers bring out reds best?

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I'm currently using NilocG's Thrive+ for my planted tank and have had great results. I'm dosing it every other day with weekly 50% water changes which is essentially the EI method. Now that my plants are well grown in, I want to reduce growth a bit and bring out the red in the rotala h'ra which is currently a yellow/orange at this point. I'm currently running a Chihiros wrgb2 about 5" above the water line at 70% intensity, 7 hours a day with co2.

I set up the tank in December with Amazonia Ver2 but intentionally didn't add the supplemental tabs knowing I would want to go lean and get the reds. Should I switch away from Thrive+ knowing it provides KNO3, and instead go with a lean option like Tropica Specialized Nutrition? Should I increase my photoperiod, increase water changes? I worry about increasing the light since this seems to be the maximum while keeping algae at low levels. My goal is to use an all-in-one opposed to multiple bottles.
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Thanks! It's good to know I'm not missing anything crucial, thanks for the guidance. I've only ever grown green and brown plants so this is all new to me haha.
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