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Where'd you get your SSS

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I'm having trouble finding them. There's always one lot of SSS cbs for sale on aquabid and theshrimpnet sells them, but I kinda want to shop around a bit more.
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greenisgood has them, I've heard maybe bsmith has them, kangshiang may have them, oblongshrimp has them
kangshiang is where I got mine. But I am getting more breeding stock from different people.
They have them for 5 for 189

Then I have a breeder in SF that has them for 6 for 175 shipped
Then bsmith will be selling me some of his, not a lot.
Then there is a guy name Cha Vang that I ran across that has 12 for 204 shipped.
Do you know who the breeder in SF is? I live in SF and I would love to pick up some CRS/CBS locally.
You know, I have no idea where he lives in SF. I will e-mail him and ask.
Still waitin on my first berried female yet. But they are still just babies so I can be patient. ;o)
here are a few pictures of some plump females =)

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Nice collection jiang604!
Man one day i will get some for now just S+ :(
Thankyou for all the comments =)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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