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Where would you place a powerhead in this setup (pic attached)

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Hi all- I am cyling my tank right now and I just ordered a hydor koralia nano 425 powerhead (is it a powerhead? lol). i should be getting it tonight. i'm just wondering where you all would think it would be best to put it.

I've circled two locations on the photo of where I'm debating on. Should I do it on the left where the red circle is? or should I do it on the right where the yellow circle is? Also, should I move the spray bar more to the left or to the right? I'd like my intake pipe to stay where it is.

Tank is a 55 gallon tank.. 48 inches long
Filter is a Rena XP3
Substrate is 100lbs Eco-complete

Might be adding a few more small plants and some more rocks.. but not sure yet.

Oh, and the fish that I will be putting in it will probably be a school of tetras (not sure if just 1 large school or 2 smaller schools) and some ghost shrimp.



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Yes, the Koralia is a powerhead. If I were you, I'd place it on the left side. There's nothing really scientific about it. If it doesn't work, you can always move it around. A lot of times, these things are really about experimenting and finding what works for you.
I would put it on the left side too, to encourage a circular flow. They are wonder things, I bought my first two for a 125 tank and I love them - I'll always have some for circulation now. They are very easy to move and change position, no worries there.
I would get rid of the flow control on the Rena and put the spraybar going lengthwise on the tank instead and then put the powerhead underneath it so it's pushing clean water from the filter towards the intake and sucking up any crap along the way.
I have a 75 gallon,put a 1050 korila in back right hand corner,slightly pointed towards back glass,provides a nice circular current motion.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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