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Where to trim Moneywort?

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I just recently trimmed one of my moneywort stems and it doesnt seem to be growing back at all. It was over a week ago. It had grown to the top of the tank and wasnt putting out any roots at the surface which i was waiting for... So two questions. Does it have to have roots to propagate it or can you just plant the stem? And did i trim this in the right spot? The stem above the leaves just seems to be rotting.


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No, they don't have to have roots when you snip it.

Yes, you snipped it just fine.

Growth doesn't happen immediately. But depending on your lights and fert dosing, it will be quicker.
Thanks, guess i just have to be patient. It was growing pretty quick before i cut it.
Alot of times the plant wont put out new leaves until the stem finishes rotting off. Most ot the time the species puts out two stems from the petioles below the cut point. If you want to shave a little time cut your stems next to the leaves.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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