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Where to Refill CO2 Cylinder in Rio Rancho / Albuquerque

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I am just getting back into planted tanks after a long break and am setting up a 45gal tank with pressurized CO2. This will be my first time using pressurised CO2 since I moved from the UK (hence the long break) where I had a 55gal tank with a Dennerle pressurized CO2 system.

Back in the UK, I used to have the CO2 cylinder refilled at the local fire extinguisher store. If possible, I'd like to use food grade CO2 but I'm struggling to find anyone in town that might do this, so I was wondering if anyone here has experience getting cylinders refilled in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque?


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I hear a lot about ' food grade ' CO2. I'm curious what the difference is. I use the local fire extinguisher place and have never had a problem in my tanks. Just curious I guess ! Good luck with your search !
There's a little bit of information here: Why the Grade of CO2 Gas you are Using is Important

In theory, food grade and beverage grade are not only purer than industrial grade, they are also tested for the presence of various carcinogens. Now, whether there's really any difference in what you get, or just that's its been proven not to contain nasties, is another question...
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