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Where to go to start on an arboreal set-up?

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I want to build an arboreal, hardwood, monsoon forest set-up(replicating South-East Indian mountainous hardwood forests). Its for an arboreal tarantula.

I would like a tall set-up, perhaps an octagon to place the trunk and foliage in the center. I need a flase bottom with a pull out tray to collect water run-off so I can dispose of it. A means of creating fog, access from the top and possible also the front/side. Ventilation, but well sealed so the feeders cant get out(roaches, crickets, anoles, etc)

Nicely stained wood cabnitery and hood are also desirable. I know its a lot to ask, but Im totally new at this and I need help finding good and reputable sources, "how to"s, etc...pre-fabricated and custom builders are an option.

I'd like to go sort of big, 3-5ft tall, maybe 2ft wide or so.

Any ideas? web-sites? retailers? how-to sites/books? advice?
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Well they have a smaller 24" by 18" by 24" Exo Terras and there awesome but with you wanting one that tall heres What I would DEFINATLY do. Buy a 90 gallon aquarium and do this.
If you decide not to do a nasty spider lol (my opinion no offense)
If you want a super cool lizard get a Mountain Horned dragon I think there awesome I love mine!
Sweet thanks, for the help, it certainly is giving me ideas. I still need a means of removing a tray from the false bottom, perferably without needing to open the main living area. The spider I want can get big, is very fast and can cause medicially significant respones from its venom(one of the few nasty bites in the hobby).

I know it just sounds like an icky spider, but our hobby has some absolutly goregous arboreal being one of the prettiest.
What kind of spider are you going to get?
genus: Poecilotheria

Top of my list is a P. metallica (a.k.a Gooty Sapphire),second is P. Ornata, P. Regalis, P. Formosa

If not them, then genus:Avicularia

top of my list there is an A. Versicolor, second is the Avicularia sp. "Peru Purple"

Oh yeah, how can I forget this one...Cyriopagopus spec blue 2 Malaysia

There are various locations on teh web where you can find nice pics of these guys. I spend my time and learn most about these beauties on an archnoid
Do you currently have any other tarantulas?
Just a terrastrial specimen...a Chilean Rose.
Thats cool. Having dealt with arboreal snakes in the past, I can relate to the temperment of the spider that you are interested in. I guess animals that live in trees tend to be more defensive for some reason. I had an emerald tree boa that had a set of fangs on it that could easily penetrate a thick leather work glove. For all intents and purposes, you were not any better off wearing a glove versus not wearing a glove.

Good luck with your enclosure. The link posted earlier in the thread looks pretty promising. I never would have thought of tipping an aquarium on its side like that. That might make it fairly easy to create that removable pan that you were talking about.
Ya on the lower door part put another hinge and cut a cat litter box down to size and slide it in its really as easy as that.
Anyone have pics of something like that...the hinge set-up and cat litter bin thing.

It helps if I can see it before doing it.
Ok, I finally got the arboreal tarantula. Its a baby, less than an inch across. This means i have time to build its set-up.

What Im looking for now are threes. I was looking into Ficus trees F. Benjamina, but Im concerned it will be to temperamental to maintain in the terrarium.

Im looking for something that shares the same benefits/characteritics of the ficus without the fuss. I would like a woody, broad-leafed tree, adapted to relativly high humidity, no need for bright lights(it'll be in a south facing room with ambient light from a window it will be in front of), minimal fertilizing. Stout/thick trunk and branches would be a plus...and lastly, non-toxic to invertebrates/insects, etc.

I could make use of Bonsai techniques to try and fatten the trunks if neccessary.
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