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Where can I get mixed snails? I am looking for Ramshorn, Pond, MTS and Mystery snails.

I need prolific breeders for one tank and ornamental snails that get over 1 inch for the other.

I am having trouble finding snails other than aquabid.
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most pet stores will give away pond and MTS if you ask
I did that once and they told me they were free, Bagged them up then tried to charge me for them ...
There's some people selling snails in the S&S and also some sponsors.

Post a WTB in the S&S and you'll probably get some offers.
noooo don't get the bladder snails lol
they are pain to remove
They are suppose to be a food source ... Thats the point :) I want something thats a bit hard to catch. I do know ... I will NOT do MTS again ... Those are AWFUL ... I had to Nuke a tank because of them.
Peabody's paradise has mystery snails. Beware tho I started with a few eggs on a plant and now there are hundreds. I have smush snail days 3 or 4 times a week and 2 assassin snails still there are hundreds. 1 is pretty big tho he's about an inch and good looking. My lace cat loves them but he's in the spare tank and the snails are in the main tank.
You know I have never had mysteries breed, Removing mystery eggs is VERY easy though as they lay long groups of eggs above the water level.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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