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Where to find "red" ramshorns?

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Anyone have an idea on where I could find a handful of red ramshorns?

Just about every auction or "giving away" post I see are for browns, or reds mixed with browns. (i read that once you mix reds with browns they produce brown offspring)

I'd also consider some "blue" ramshorns, but the reds would stand out more in my tank.
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I believe mine to be red. I can give you a boatload. Mine look like the reds in this pic

I will snap a pic tomorrow. Postage plus a buck will do the trick.
Awesome, that would be great. :bounce:
It isn't suppose to get below freezing until Thursday night (bleh, too early for being that cold).
I got 10 blues (dime size) off of an invertz website. If you just do a search for them in google you should be able to find the site. I also found 30 reds (only wanted 10 but they said 30 or bust/bb size) on ebay. They are true reds and blues. Actually quite beautiful snails and go well with my yellow shrimp. It's a pretty colorful aquarium now lol. Needed something to offset all the green !
Well this post possibly answered the question I was about to post.
I raise snails. Rams Horns.
Is there any possibility that the shrimp would eat the very young snails ? Or eggs ?
As I am line breeding for color I don't want to lose any of the snails.
Only shrimp I've seen eating ramshorns are hungry tiger shrimp. They just dominate the snails in my tiger tanks. I wouldn't worry about losing any snails though, they make _SO MANY_ offspring from each clutch that you'll have thousands in very short order.
Yeah within a week of having my reds and blues I had could see a bunch of egg clutches on the tanks back wall (black). Now I have a ton of blue and red babies eating the shrimp food I drop in. Apparently ramshorns love Shirakura Crs food. They literally push the shrimp off of it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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