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Where to buy?

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Hey guys. I was just wondering if theres a certain site you guys order CFL bulbs from online. Im specifically looking for 2 65 watt ~6500 or so bulbs. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? :)
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very good prices/cheap shipping
Like I said my fixture takes 65 watt. The closest they have are only 55
I'm pretty sure you can switch between 55s and 65s, but do a little research to make sure.,
you can use 65s in 55 and vice versa if they use the same pin config
I think i heard somewhere that the 65's are just 55's with the wattage written different, meaning they are the same thing really
Like I said my fixture takes 65 watt. The closest they have are only 55

Marine and Reef have 65 watt 6,700K bulbs. I have ordered the SunPaq (Current USA replacement bulbs) from them a couple of times with no problems and quick shipping.
I decided to order FOUR new bulbs and replace my 10,000k's. I might throw those out, maybe sell them for a few bucks. Im still trying to sell my brand new ACtinics :(

Anyways, I think Im going to go with a (back row) --> 9325k GE x2
(front row) left side that has driftwood, moss, some grass etc 6,500k 55watt and right side that is open to plants and fish Ill try a 7,800k 55 watt. That should be plenty for a 55.
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