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Where to buy plants online?

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As the title says. Getting tired of waiting for my LFS to get some new stock in. They've had the same plants for 3 weeks and now they are looking terrible. My tank is completely bare and I might order some plants if I need to. So I want to know.....for those that have ordered, where did you get your plants from. I have a 14g, a 7g and a 3g. The 14g is empty, the other two just needs a few more plants. So I'm not looking for a ton, but I want some good quality at a reasonable price. Thanks.
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and check the sponsors section to this forum..
What part of are CO are you from? I have some plants you might be interested in PM me if you're interested.
I have found that seller aquadisestore on Ebay to be a good online source as well. He has a pretty good selection at great prices, better than my LFS's here! I have ordered 3 shipments from him so far and everything has been exactly as ordered, or more! The plants have always arrived healthy as well.

There are quite a few other places, but I haven't personally dealt with them. I am sure that the Swap and Shop area has some great deals as well. I am looking to pick some RCS up from there shortly :)

Good luck!
Find your local aquarium club. Chances are good there are people growing plants you can buy or trade. Most plants in my tank are donations to the club that were auctioned during the meeting.
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