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Where to buy good plants?

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I want to plant a 54 corner pretty heavily and my LFS has almost nothing in way of plants. I have asked them to look into getting me plants before and they never got back to me. I would rather buy from someone who cares and has quality, variety and might be less expensive.
Haven't completed my plans yet, but so far I'm specifically looking for: Pellia on stone, Dwarf pennywort, willow moss, cryptocoryne parva, wavy ulvaceus, crinum calamistratum, giant red rotala, and probably some java fern, windeløv and maybe a smaller sword. Now that I write it down that seems like a lot, but like I said I don't have a set plan yet. I'm still learning and this will be my second planted ever. My first is a 6g and I'm excited to start a new one with so much more space!
Any suggestions?
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TPT for sale section

You can also list the plants you're looking for here. TPT want to buy section

make sure you're logged in or they won't be visable to you.
Forum member "h4n" has a very long list of plants. Check if with him to see if he has want you're looking for. If so, getting them all from one person would save you shipping cost. See his thread in the For Sale/Trade section here:, then send him a PM (private message). I received great looking plants from him.
Awesome, thanks for the link!
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