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Be glad you are not running a reef tank, i started a tank from dry rock, and about 8 yrs in i couldn’t keep snails or hermit crabs. After 12 years i broke down the tank and found a 3ft long worm with teeth and four blue eyes hiding in the rocks. Another option would be to set up a puffer tank lol.
How many crabs out of nowhere did you wind up with? I did the same as you and one day saw something move and when I got closer to the tank, it was a "bad" crab lol. I managed to catch it and banished it to the refugium where he lived for years. A couple times a week I'd feed him a small piece of shrimp. Surprisingly when I broke my tank down last year I didn't find anything out of the ordinary. I thought at least I'd find a few bristle worms.
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