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Where do I even begin???

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No stickies for us noobs??
So I am looking to expand my knowledge a little outside of the planted tank arena and I remembered a terrarium set up I had as a kid.I might consider a frog or something but the focus (as it is with aquariums) would be plants.
Any links or tips you might share to help someone just starting out?
I know when it came to planted tanks I could have saved alot of headaches by researching. I am not afraid of DIY!
So is a habitat like Exo-Terra the way to go or can I get decent set up using an aquarium?
Point me in the right direction to get me started! :)
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Dendro board, or whatever it is. Lot's of frog people there, this place is mostly shrimp people.

Check out Hydrophyte. He's very knoledgeable about terrariums. One of his guides:

I'm sure he has alot more guides like this.
I know a few thing too. And forgot a few as well.

See my build here:

The complete projest here:

And here:


These may give you a few ideas.
They can be scaled back for small size tanks.

There are links in the threads to various places I researched inforamtion.

Best wishes,
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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