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where did the first black tiger originate from?

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I am having a discussion about this and I have been led to believe that the 1st black tigers were bred in Germany, but someone else said Japan! Anyone have any other opinions on this. Also how did they come about???
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I think Germany is the right answer. As far as I've seen black tigers have been in Germany for years now, whereas they've been in Asia for a much shorter amount of time. Although this could be due to popularity.
How are yours doing Liam?
Liams holding out on me :-( he has some amazing BT's. Hadn't had them too long though so I don't think he's selling yet if that's what your wondering. Once he does though I'm sure people are going to gank them quick.
no, I have zero now. They all perished from red head disease. By the time I diagnosed and bought the medicine from china, they were all dead. The first one to die from this disease was the one that died 2 days after I got them, I just thought the bright red head was the color they turned when dead. I think a combination of shipping stress and one sick shrimp being sent to me was the reason.

oh well! You win some you lose some!
Finalplay10, I wasn't looking to buy...too much for me :)
Liam, sorry to hear that, BUMMER!
OOOH no! So sorry that you lost them....geez that hurts! Well IF and when I get enough to sell I will let you know....not that its going to be anytime soon at the rate these guys get together (if ever!)

I might be getting some others from Germany in the New year I will let you know if I decide to try again with new stock. Have a safe and Happy New Year!
Try to get them from someone other than me and guppies got ours from. That's the only thing I can say, :p
But didn't you and Lee have berried females??? I thought I saw a picture of one of your berried...what happened there. If so then he didn't just send all males! I am wondering if some of the blacks could be sterile?

Frank in BC has a bunch of them but he said his came from Japan, so maybe the genes are different???
I never got a berried female, I had ONE female that showed signs of becoming berried, but then she died.

He didn't send all males, just 90% males. This is a naughty naughty thing to do in my opinion
I wonder if he does that to ensure that only a few will ever breed and then he has the market on these?
Probably to keep market share, and the price high for another 2-3 years before someone creates large breeding colonies.
Not to mention from a breeders stand point, you can throw away 90% of your males, and still breed the same amount of offspring, since males can mate with several females in the same day, but females can only mate once every few months
Wow. Sorry to hear about you guys' trouble with the black tigers. That breeder guy sounds like a world clASS jerk.
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