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When will I stop pouring $$$ into this hobby?

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I love this hobby as I recently just set up my 24g Aquapod 2 weeks ago. It has quite a bit of plants in it (dwarf baby tears, wisteria, jave moss, java fern, and some rotala) and I jump started the filter with filter floss from my friend's eheim. I think I am addicted -- but when will it stop draining the wallet? :)

I don't even have the tank fully planted or stocked with fish, just 6 cardinals and 1 danio.
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It never stops, it gets worse. Its like a good disease
When the repo men come, and then you have to feed them to your fish to get rid of the evidence :D
It never stops, it gets worse. Its like a good disease
I can see that, as I have a hagen CO2 system and i am already thinking about a automatic...
It never stops, tanks get bigger,filter gets bigger,lights get bigger. And your wallet gets smaller.
When the repo men come, and then you have to feed them to your fish to get rid of the evidence :D
It never stops, tanks get bigger,filter gets bigger,lights get bigger. And your wallet gets smaller.
and the credit card bills growing like aquatic weeds!
it stops when you decide to quit the hobby. otherwise, it will only get worse. Although, if you are smart about it, a lot of things you purchase can be reused and last you a long time.
My best advice is to read, read and then read some more. Especially this forum.

That alone can and will save you a good amount of money and headaches.

Getting the advice and wisdom of the many educated members here will help you buy the right items the first time around, rather than having a heaping pile of "I wish I hads".

Now that I've got that out of the way, it does only get
lol yeah. It does get worse for sure, at least on your wallet that is.

I guess you can get to a point where you can't expand anymore unless you move to a bigger place.

By that point, you might be so far in that you can sell plants to other people to cover the some of the costs, start your own service company charging people for setting and maintaining tanks for them.

If not, then I guess you will keep pouring money like a failed overflow.
Go low tech don't hurt the pocket book as much and you can still have a nice looking tank your guest well all comment on mostly cause they know no better. /grin
if you truly enjoy the hobby, you'll want to try different sized tanks, fish from different regions, and go from planting to scaping. you'll have multiple tanks during the hobby, learn from each, and enjoy each. Take pictures. Decrease expenses by only running 1 tank at a time. when you take that tank down, reuse what you can on the next project and sell off the rest.
When I run out of things to buy then the fun fades. Thats why I eventually switched my tank to live plants. I get a blast out of searching for that perfect piece of wood or that neat new gadget that makes things easier. I'm like a kid again when I see that UPS truck pull up to my front door. My husband likes my hobby also because it give him leverage to spend money on tools and gobs of fishing lures.
tonight, I just sold $70 worth of fish and plants to a newbie.
I call him that, because he's making the same mistakes most
planted tank keepers make when they first start out. he's
buying everything in sight, thinking it will all work for him.
I warned him, but he still thinks he knows better. I post
this anecdote as a stark reminder of what it takes to lose
money on this hobby, and what it takes to at least break
even, or maybe feel like you are getting your money's worth.
as jinx already posted; the key is gaining experience, either
through your own mistakes, or reading of the misadventures
by others. clearly, reading it - is a lot easier on your wallet.
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dunno, I didn't put anything into it for four or five years on my old setup, I'm since building a new one and it hasn't been cheap, although, once its done I can see very little expense for another 5 to 6 years.

Once you get the setup right it should be very minimal.
It doesnt because its so enjoyable,Its like christmas because of all the plant packages you get
I agree, being a novice in the hobby (about 1 year experience with 6 tanks) I found craigslist to be quite the bargain and got tons of setups. Buying brand new tanks hurts the pocket and the more tanks you setup the craftier you get ;-)
I think a good way to keep down on costs would be to continuously look for deals everywhere.

Like yesterday I saw a 260w lighting system for $60 through a link.
I bought a 10 gallon kit for my son and all of the sudden I am planning my 55 gallon planted aquarium. Budgeting and finding that perfect deal is part of the fun. I have learned so much all ready just by asking a lot of questions. I am concerned that some day I will want someting bigger. I think my wife will be able to do a good job of restraining me. We do not have a lot of room in our house, so maybe in my next house I could go bigger.

I hope that the lure or a marine setup doesn't grab me too greatly.
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