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So I finally cleared out all my guppies (cept a few newborns which have since come out of the woodwork and will probably become cichlid food) and I am left with 3 oto's, 5 amanos and a slew of pond and ramshorns.

Do I even need to feed this tank? It is a couple months old and densely planted, tons of stems, crypts, moss.

The question is between the bits of algae, dead plant matter, biofilm and whatnots is there enough naturally occurring food for these guys or should I supplement?

I have flake (plenty of different types inc. spirulina), cichlid pellets, frozen brine, golden pearls, algae wafers, and veggie sticks with added calcium (Jake's recipe and my favorite food to feed everyone goes nuts for it).

Btw this is a 45g tank, sump filtration, 55w pc's, DIY CO2, fert dosed with liquid or dry (depending how lazy I feel).

Params currently 76F, 0 ammon, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate, ph 8.0, kh 9, gh 2
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