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When to begin dosing?

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Yesterday I completely redid my tank... thorough cleaning and all new plants :) I set up the Co2 right away, and I have my lights set for one bulb for now (96w over 40g) to prevent algae. I also have a bunch of stem plants (although they are young and rather small atm). My question is... when should I start dosing (I have greg watson ferts)? I do not want another algae problem to develop. Will dosing right away cause algae, or will waiting cause algae? Also, any other algae preventing tips would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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On my High light tank I waited a 1-2wks before dosing but I was using ADA aquasoil. I think you should wait a week maybe and then dose half doses till it's ready but that's just my opinion. Someone that knows better will come along shortly to guide you.
I usually just start dosing per the EI table, knowing I will be doing a 50% water change in a week anyway. Algae isn't induced to grow by overdosing a balanced diet of nutrients anyway.
Thanks guys
It depends on how many plants you have in your tank!!

If it is densley planted (fish have nowhere to swim) dose immediately.

If it is lightly planted, then it is best to wait till your plants get established.
I know I'm still a newbie, and don't know nearly as much as 95% of the people here, but my fish did not react well to the ferts I started with. It was way understocked, yet I still had fish die. If you have fish in the tank, ease them into it.
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