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When to add fry to community tank.

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So, about 2 1/2 months ago my fat head minnows had babies. I tried to raise them all, but only 2 survived. Well now they have a 10g tank all to them selves, and I want to use it as a QT tank.

They are about 2 cm long, and they are eating normal food. Am I safe to add them to the community? Inhabitants are - 2 minnws (about 3 inches long), 4 zebra danios, and 1 lonely otto (I want to add more, but need a qt tank).

The tank is well planted, with some hyacinth so they have a nice place to hide if need be.

I just don't want them eaten.
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I don't know that type fish but with others, I find much depends on the fish genes involved in each type. Some fish are programmed to know how and when to hide. You might want to add a couple and watch the action. If the adults come around and the fry duck for cover, they may be tuned in well and do fine. But if they are like neon tetras and their idea of escape is going to the top, they may be eaten.
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