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When should I begin adding CO2 and fertilizers?

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I am starting up a new tank. Details are described here:

I believe I have medium-high light. I will be adding CO2 during the day. I plan to dose Seachem fertilizers, at least initially.

I made two plant purchases through this form and planted them 3 days ago. When should I begin adding CO2 and fertilizers?

From niceseol:
- 15 stems mixture of Rotala rotundifolia "blood red" and unknown Rotala - someone said they look like colorata, but I purchased them as Rotala macrandra
- 15 stems of Rotala rotundifolia
- 5 Rotala green
- 5 Staurogyne repens
- Java moss ball(golf ball size)

From bartohogL:
2 portion - Microsorum Sp. Lanjak Entimau
2 portions- Micranthemum Tweedei (Monte Carlo)
3 portions Staurogyne Sp. Low Grow
3 portion - Persicaria (Polygonum) sp. Sao Paulo
10 portions - Blyxa Japonica
1 portion - Ludwigia Sphaerocarpa Red
2 portions - Pilo Moss (like Queen Moss)
0 portions- Eriocaulon Father Duster

Current water is:
ph - 7.5
gh - 3
kh - 3
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 5

Tank was cycled with established media and a few days of dosing ammonia prior to adding 3 very small platies. I will add additional fish 1-2 at a time over the next couple of weeks.


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I'd say as soon as possible.

Recommend to get dry fertilizers instead of using Seachem stuff. I paid $15 online for dry and spent 5 times that, easily, on liquids.

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Agreed on dosing ferts and adding CO2 now. It will help the plants establish more quickly and reduce algae issues.

I'd also consider some GH booster and raise dGH to around 5-6 to ensure you have enough calcium and magnesium.
@nilocg here sells both dry and liquid ferts as well as gh booster. I've been using them with great success ;)

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+1 on the Nilocg ferts. I like how simple yet informative his site is. My plants have really responded well.
Another +1 for NilocG on ferts, I'd skip the Seachem IMO.

Begin dosing immediately and CO2 from day one also.
Another +1 for NilocG on ferts, I'd skip the Seachem IMO.

Begin dosing immediately and CO2 from day one also.
Including fishless cycle?
If planted yes to ferts, CO2 depends how low pH gets.
BB grow better @ pH around 7 or higher, or it will take longer @ lower pH.
Beware of ammonia damage, over 2ppm of NH3 can cause plant damage.

Many have posted with high NH3 while cycling and plant damage occurs.
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