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When rescaping a tank....

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When you rescape your tank, whether it be a little bit or a major job, are there any precautions you take? Remove all the fish? Turn off the filter?

I've finally started to win the war on hair algae, which is good, but I'm sick of my tanks unkempt look. I want something a bit more......professional looking.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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Well when I rescape I turn off filters and heater(s) just in case the water level gets too low then it dont affect them so much. Recently I did a serious deep clean/rescape. I drained half the tank and put the fish in a bucket of tank water with the heater and the filter to keep the bacteria alive. Then I drained the rest of the tank and cleaned the sides. Rescaped and everything else. Filled the tank up. Hooked the equipment. Acclimated fish.

A small rescape should just be on a water change day and then just move things around. This is easier in a non shrimp tank as they tend to get stuck in places and you may not see them again. But if its like just pruning and replanting then you should be fine. No moving fish or anything just prune, replant, and rescape.
With a canister filter I won't have to worry about bacteria die off too much.

90% of the tank will be pulled up. It's a jungle of Hygro Polysperma and Asian Ambulia right now, just a mess.

Thanks for the advice James.
No problem. Just make sure that you turn your heater off if you do a big scape and you drain water. I had a heater break on me cause I wasnt thinking. Good luck.
I don't know if turning off the filter really makes a difference.

I do know that when you do a big make over to the aquascape, a water change afterward is certainly in order.

I do a big water change and run a diatom filter for a few hours. The water change to get rid of the nastiness brought up from mucking around in the substrate, and the diatom to polish the water.
I don't know if turning off the filter really makes a difference.

Well I do plan on taking 20% of the water out so it's easier to work in. That would leave the spray bar exposed. I don't need a second show (or do I?). :eek:
-Turn off your canister.
-Run your diatom filter/UV sterilizer.

If it's a BIG job, I attach some vinyl tubing to the intake on my diatom filter and chase around bits of plants and debris. :D
Hmmm I don't have a diatom/UV sterilizer. Maybe some in the club will let me borrow theirs for a day.
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