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When is this driftwood going to be ready?!

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I have two pieces of wood that I have soaked for going on three weeks. At the suggestion of people on this forum, I spent last weekend trying to boil them in a big pot on my stove. I can't quite get the pot up to a boil... I guess it's just too big for my stove. I boil water in one pot and keep adding it to the big pot while keeping the big pot with the driftwood over the eye which is set to high. When the water turns brown, I change it out with fresh boiling water. Followed this process all last Saturday and Sunday then I soaked the driftwood all week this week and then started the boiling process again this morning and the tannin's just keep leeching... Just wondering if I'm going to get to a point where it stops completely, or if I just have to decide at some point that it's good enough. I mean, it's still turning the water completely brown right now. I'm waiting on this wood before I set up my first planted tank and I really want to get started. Frustrating!! Any suggestions would be appreciated.:help:
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I soaked and boiled my driftwood for 2 weeks and it never stopped turning the water. So I just decided to put it in my tank. It has been in my tank for 3 weeks and has yet to turn my water at all
It id still very clear and pretty. My husband did the same thing I did and his water hasn't turned brown either.
While I was soaking and boiling, everyday it turned the water completely brown. I don't know why it hasn't turned my tank colors, but im happy.
Yeah! Thank you. I might just go ahead and give it a try.
I hope you get as lucky as us. I got tired if waiting too
before you set up your tank, let the wood soak in room temp water for a couple days and see how it colors the water. if you are okay with the amount of brown/yellow then go ahead and set up your tank. if not continue to boil the water.

if you are having trouble getting the water to boil, cover the pot with a lid, or another pot :) it helps i promise.
Will a UV light get rid of the tannis in water?
hello @LeslieS

What I did: put the driftwood in a bucket and added boiling water, some times I just used hot water from the faucet. I did this EVERY single day for like 9 weeks, at some point you will notice the water is clearer. My tank looks really clear, before introducing the driftwood I heard that the water was going to get "tea-like" colored, mine is just clear? you can see the difference in the color if you get a glass of normal water and a glass of water from your tank. Its more like a slight yellow color.

Keep doing it and dont give up.

I was about to stop at week 4 and then I thought "well ive done this long time now, lets keep going" you have nothing to lose and its very rewarding

Good luck
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