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When is co2 turned on ?

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I have decided to get a pressurised co2 system but would like to know when every one turns on their co2 is it before the lights come on or at the same time and would it be important that the time when it comes on is always the same e.g. one day 10am another 9.30am

many thanks

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Most people recommend having the CO2 turn on an hour before the lights turn on. With anything relating to planted aquariums, consistency is always key, so the CO2/lights should come on at their same respective times each day. Timers work great for having everything turn on at a specific time, assuming that your regulator has a solenoid.
good to know as i was wanting to skip out on the solenoid but if its better to have it ill plug it to a timer.
Definitely get the solenoid. I have my CO2 come on about 30 min before the lights and 30 min after the lights go off. It's a great investment for your plants
If you want to cheap out and not get a solenoid then just leave the CO2 on 24 hours a day. Much better than trying to get the gas turned back on and off daily! Some TPTers prefer that method, I did it for years too.
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