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When do you switch on the lights Morning or Evening

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Hi guys,
I was just wondering, I have an ada 60p nature scape, and my lights come on at 6pm and go off at 12pm. i do this cause i am generally home only by 9 pm and i would rather have them on when i am there. I have been reading about this for sometime, and there does not seem to be a conclusive answer. For some its about the circadian rythm, for some others its about the ambient light in the day which would cause the fish to get stressed.

I have been running this setup for about a month now with finnex ray2 and my plants seem rather healthy no algae as of yet just the normal diatoms which are going away. As of yet i have only 5 otos, and they seem fine as of yet.

What do you guys do and what are your opinions on switching on the lights in the night instead of day.
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It's fine. Why even have fish if the lights are not on when you are home to enjoy them? I have insomnia and have never been a morning person in general so I have mine set to come on at 4 and go off at 10. The room that most of my tanks are in is not that well lit but there is some light. I don't think they care much. Most of the fish we all keep are from the tropics where they get 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness pretty much year round.
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