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When do you switch on the lights Morning or Evening

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Hi guys,
I was just wondering, I have an ada 60p nature scape, and my lights come on at 6pm and go off at 12pm. i do this cause i am generally home only by 9 pm and i would rather have them on when i am there. I have been reading about this for sometime, and there does not seem to be a conclusive answer. For some its about the circadian rythm, for some others its about the ambient light in the day which would cause the fish to get stressed.

I have been running this setup for about a month now with finnex ray2 and my plants seem rather healthy no algae as of yet just the normal diatoms which are going away. As of yet i have only 5 otos, and they seem fine as of yet.

What do you guys do and what are your opinions on switching on the lights in the night instead of day.
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I work 12 hour night shifts so if I had my tanks following a regular daytime schedule I might get to see them for a one hour window each day. I've had mine running 5pm-1am for years and have not observed any negative effects. There is no direct sunlight on these tanks though and they're in the interior of the house with a relatively minimal amount of ambient sunlight reaching them--enough to read a book but not very comfortably. Not sure how fish in a tank that is brightly lit for an inordinate amount of time by natural light followed by artificial would fare.
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