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When do you start and stop your CO2

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For those of you who run your CO2 on a timer... When do you turn on the CO2 and when do you turn it off (in relationship to your lights). Do you always turn it off when the lights go off or do you turn the CO2 off early?
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My CO2 keeps on running 24/7. It all depend on how plenty your plants are, many enthusiasts will advise you to turn it off during night time or when the lights are off. I would rather turn it on 24 hrs a day coz it works for my plants.
Some folks cut their CO2 on 1 to 2 hours before the lights come on and they cut them off 1 hour before the lights turn off.

That way there is an ample supply of CO2 when the lights come on and the CO2 supply starts depleting before the lights go out and continues further depletion during the lights off period.

There's also some folks that cut the CO2 on and off at the same time as the lights come on and off by usually using the same timer.

I use pH controllers.
I have mine set to turn on an hour before the lights come on and turn off an hour before the lights turn off. I've only been running pressurized for a week now so I'm still new to this and playing around to see what will work best.
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