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For those DIY'ers or even commercial buyers be aware of a possible trend in the LED industry of "mimicking" Cyan LED's
Up until now most were the larger LED's and clearly labelled:
10W 900LM Cyan 490nm LED Light 4PCS Green 520nm+5PCS Royal Blue 455nm 9-11V

As the following 2 charts demonstrate:
A 3W "cyan" LED advertised for sale:

A "true" cyan LED:


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Is this only a problem with off brand or fleabay LEDs or are the major brands and retailers affected too?

The 3w was from a retailer, I erased their name from the chart.... the "Quote" was from fleabay.. MOST of what I've seen on fleabay does note the dual B/Y Led, some listing it as "effective cyan"..
The 3W made no reference besides the tell tale emission spectra..

IF China decides to eliminate all true cyan and go w/ dual LED on die it will get harder and harder to be sure.. As a note, when I saw this was happening I ordered my last cyan's from StevesLED's..

Currently not much to worry about w/ "name brands" AFAICT but who knows..

The only way to assure "purity" is to make sure people don't buy the "hybrids".... ;)

Currently fleabay has VERY little in cyan.. This one (and the only one selling 3W cyan, unlike the hundreds selling other colors) seems legit IF they are telling the truth:

Quantity: 10pcs
Star Size: 20mm
Emitted Color: Cyan
Wavelength: 490~495nm
DC Forward Voltage (VF): 3.2-3.4V
DC Forward Current (IF): 350mA -700mA
Power: 3W
Package Include:
10pcs 3W 490nm
Fake one in comparison:
Cyan LED 3W
Aquamarine Cyan LED 3W

Wavelength: 490-520nm
Forward voltage: 3.8V @700mA, 3.5V @500mA, 3.2V @350mA
Efficiency: 30 lm/W
Max. current: 700mA
Beam angle: 120-140 degree
Operational temperature: -20C ~ +70C
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