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ok so its been a long time waiting and i just looked around at some tanks here and there and just didn't like that i saw in my own tank after a while so here is a quick Tank journal of just the new re-scape before and after, let me know what you guys think and what can be improve

so this is a photo of the tank before the new scape"
Awesome right? well to some yes, to me at first great but now its ok lol

so then i went out and bought some drift wood and here are the ones i got

nice looking right? i thought so till i changed my mind before i could even used them... lol so they are for sale, anyone interested pm me xD

so anyways moving on...

after the drift wood didnt work out, i decided to go with a different drift wood and landed on some manazita branch and wanted to do more of a stump like look to the 40b and here is what i put together with all the manazita i got...

Awesome right? I know but once they soaked in water for a week or two, most of the tannish went away and it was water log so i decided to add them to my tank at this point and tear down my 40b above to make this new look work.... plants came in and the tank was started to be tear down and within 24 hours this is what i put together...

its was just a start and within another 24hr, i had time to fill in a few more plants on the stump and this is how it turned out

as the day goes by i added some more plants to the right corner "rotala Will." which was a little brown but will turn a pink color within a weeks time as they were in a poor tank with no soil base substrate at the time when i got them in... so here is what the tank looks like as of this time...

there will of course be more plants added to the tank as i find and order them but what are your thoughts of this tank so far?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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