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Whats your power consuption?

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For whole aquarium I spent 25 kW in 6 days, thats about 4 kW/day. I wonder if i should freak out?
I have 110g aquarium with

110W of T5s 8h/day
stream pump of 12W 24h/day
solenoid 10h/day 3W
DIY filter 24h/day 20W
Eheim 300W heater 24h/day

Its worm winter here in Croatia with temperatures of 15C in midday. I guess Eheim is culprit for high consuption ;)
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Over here a kWh costs about $0.15-0.20 considering tiers and such. Not sure how much it is over there and whether it is worth freaking out or not. If you can insulate your tanks you might be able to cut some of that electric heater consumption. But then you have to heat your place more.
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