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What's wrong with these Amazon swords?

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Can anyone tell me what's causing my Amazon swords to rot from the inside of the leaf like this? How do I fix it?

This is in a 55 gallon 5 month old tank. About 200 watts of light using several different spectrum bulbs. Water is 7.4-8 pH, dH about 11, kH about 5/6. Temp 78 degrees. Substrate is half aquasoil and half CaribSea EcoComplete.

There are about 12 Flourish tabs in the substrate. Up to about 2 weeks ago I had been dosing with flourish iron and flourish excel (one capful each once a week or so) and adding a capful of flourish liquid. I was also using Blackwater expert - 3 capfuls every week or so, when I did my 30% water changes. Had to medicate the tank and so I stopped dosing the plants so much, but these holes had been appearing before I stopped putting in all the extra plant food.

Thanks for your help!

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200watts of light? Is that T5HO? Thats an awful lot of light for a 55g tank.

I would go buy some API root tabs and use them in tandem with the flourish tabs. Flourish tabs are rather light on the major nutrients and API tabs are nothing but.

With that amount of light there is probably an NPK deficiency since Flourish tabs dont supply much.
200watts is a TON of light. Also depends on how high you have then above the tank too. Might want to check into co2 with all that light.

Get shrimped out!
Also you could look into using Osmocote Plus as a root fertilizer

Get shrimped out!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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