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What's wrong with my pfr

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I woke up this morning to the sides of her carapace folded outward and almost bubble like or inflated. She can't swim straight.

Water params are ph 6.4 gh 5 kh 0 everything else 0

Normal weekly to bi weekly water changes.

Color is not normal either
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Ummm she might get stuck to something on her body?
I've seen something similar with taiwan bees, except it's a genetic defect with the taiwan bees, my guess for your pfr is some kind of infection, be it fungal or bacterial
Willa that's what h4n said as well. My test readings always vary test to test. Liquid not very reliable lately
What causes molt problems? No calcium in the water?
Usually if the gh is too high or to low along with tds not at the right level. I think the planaria in my tank have something to do with it because I just pulled her out she just passed away and they were covered her.

I'm not positive it's a molting issue because there's several old molts for last night from others in the tank.
Yeah looks like a failed molt. I normally see it when they get that half split look.
That is a molt issue for sure. If you see that seperation in your taiwan bees, who ever mentioned that above, you might have aTB disorder called ballon head
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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