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what's wrong with my AP's regulator

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I just bought my second THE BEST regulator from I am very happy with my first one so I bought the second one. But as soon as I set up everything and trying to adjust the bubble rate I realized that it was not performing right comparing to the first one. When I slightly press on (not turning) the needle valve the bubbles rate would slow down quickly or stop,so adjusting the bubble rate becomes difficult but I get over with it. Tonight I shut off the regulator and 5 minutes later the bubble is still coming out at a very low rate maybe one bubble every 3 seconds, and it's still going right now. What could be wrong with this regulator? The needle valve? The solenoid? How did you guys get warranty from them? Can you ask them to send a new one and return the defective one when you get the new one? Obviously I need the regulator to keep the tank going. So far there is no fish in the tank so defected regulator is ok. I won't bother to email them maybe will call them. If there is a way to fix this I will do it myself instead of mailing it back.
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Give them a call. They are very helpful on the phone. Then post here what you learn.
I checked it again this morning now it's releasing about 1 bubble every 15 seconds. Does anybody know what's going on?

I'll call them later...knowing the problem would help the conversation with them:redface:
I found that the needle valve may be defective. With regulator on/3 bps rate and slightly press on the knob of the needle valve the bubble would stop. With regulator off/one bubble per 15 second and slightly press on the knob of the neeldle valve the bubble would stop.

I'll ask AP to send me a new needle valve and replace it myself. If not I will get one from Rex. He has 4 kinds of needle valve in stock. Does anybody know what brand needle valve AP use?
ok, I just talked to them. The guy told me that there might be some dirts trapped in the solenoid from the CO2 tank keep it from shut if off completely. He told me to disassembly the solenoid and clean it. My guess of needle valve is defetive is wrong because if solenoid works properly the bubble would stop when you shut if off no matter what you do with the needle valve.

so time for me to work on it. good luck with me.
ok I failed to fix the thing and almost destory the solenoid. It was not as easy as the sale guy said even a 10 years old can do it. I called AP again told them my failure and they gladly said they will send a new one out tomorrow. Anybody experience getting a new regulator replacement from them? I heard some member got a bad regulator from them.
They have great service, you should have no problem.
They use a Clippard needle valve. Same one I have used in the past. As soon as my current stock is gone I doubt I will carry them again. They can be very touchy as you have noticed.
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