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What's wrong with my Angelfish?

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My angelfish has this reddish meat like thing stuck to one of his fin. Could anyone help ID the desease and advice?

Here's the pic:

Thank you so much.
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Anyone? should I treat the entire tank (75G) with antibiotics?
How long has this been present? What size tank and what other inhabitants are there? It could be an infection, or it could be a scrape from a tank decoration. If you're going to treat with antibiotics, definitely do this in an isolation tank, not in your main tank. I'd recommend maracyn 2 (gram negative) or Maracyn Plus (broad spectrum) for treatment. Use good aeration as meds reduce the amount of available o2 in the tank. A bit of aquarium salt may help as well to stave off a secondary fungal infection.

Sometimes just adding an extra water change or two per week can help clear things up if you're wanting to wait. If you notice that it's larger or spreading to other areas, definitely remove the fish and treat separately. Medicating your main tank can be harmful to well fish and will also kill off an awful lot of your nitrifying bacteria, resulting in a mini-cycle.

Good luck!
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Isnt that blushing? I read somewhere on a angelfish forum that if it has pink near the gils its blushing? Im not a angelfish expert so bear with me.
no that's not a blushing-blushing is in front of that fin not on the fin.
Can you get a closer picture-right now I'm leaning toward an injury of sort-it doen't look like fungus or a parasite.
Definately move the fish to a isolation tank-salt is a good idea and maybe try some melafix. It's all natural.
I would suggest posting the Pic on
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