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whats ur fav fish

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hmmm , my loaches and ruby barbs..loaches r playful and they will chase each other around and barbs r just pretty when they turn colors and r very playful and like to harass my loaches. I used to have tiger and green barbs but ,the blk ruby barbs r the best barbs out there for me:D
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Congo tetras, but German Blue Rams are up there
YoYo loaches rock! I love them. I really enjoyed my parrot freaken'fish too when I had them.


My baby Jardini. He is the king of his 180gal tank..
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My rainbow shark. I really like corydoras too.
Kissing gouramis and giant gouramis LOL

if you have a big enough tank a kissing gourami loves to eat algae:icon_bigg
my black ghost knife that eats from my hand
I have this one rummy nose tetra that will pick any given fish in the tank and follow him for hours! right underneath the belly this fish will hang and play follow the leader.Its soo funny watching because you can tell the lead fish is so upset and will try to lose the rummy but it doesn't happen that quick.
My 4 Red Blood Parrot's, Cory's & Otto's.:icon_cool
I have as difficult a time choosing a favorite fish as I have choosing a favorite plant. This probably contributes BIG TIME to why I currently have six planted tanks run. Therefore I'll list the "stars of the show" in a few of the tanks!

My 75g: Checkerboard Cichlids

46bow: Congo tetra

35 hex: Apistogramma Agassizi
So far my favorite fish is a honey gourami (yellow with red tips). They are kind of shy at first but are assertive when they think you're not looking ;) I think they have great personalities for fw fish. And being that they're yellow, they compliment the greenery quite well.
My mudskipper, always steals the show from the other tanks...
It was the Orange Chromide for years, but now I think Ryukins (sp?) are my favorite. Still though, a brackish cichlid is pretty darn cool.
my gold sev is mine
Anyone of my lungfish, leaning towards my albino though. always wanted one of those ever since i was a little kid.

Red-tail black shark Epalzeorhynchos bicolor

kept one for years it had the most personality of any fish i have kept


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