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What's this plant?

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I've had this guy for a while. It came in a small terracotta pot, I crammed it into the mangrove roots in my tank to see what would happen.

I haven't been able to find out what species it is. It seems to be doing fine where it is, but I recently saw it in a LFS display tank rooted in the substrate.

I know it's pretty cheap and common here in Australia


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I believe it's called Wendilov or Lace Java fern. pretty cool stuff, eventually if it stays healthy it will throw other plantlets into the tank. Basically, those frilly leave ends detach and float around and become the new plants. I had some of this a few years back, it did great, got big and then threw a bunch of plants into the water. the baby plants seemed to just fine when i let them float around, and they basically got caught up in my crypts.

The plant came on a piece of drift wood and seemed to do best in my tank when it was left alone on a piece of drift wood.
Hygrophila difformis
Only if it's growing fast and taking over the tank. lol

Does it have rhizomes or roots?
after making roots it grows very fast, also have lots of white roots growing in water
This is what you have. Smaller fern, won't dominate the tank like Javas can. Very nice plant, IMO.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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