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What's The Most Relaxing Part Of Planted Tanks For You?

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Subject/Header question is what I'm after:

What's the most relaxing part of planted tanks for you?

Shrimp addiction aside... For me, it's watching a miniature aquatic garden confined to a glass box grow slowly over time. I've never experienced anything more relaxing and peaceful in my life. And I've never had a hobby that's brought me such personal joy.

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For me is the same, watching it. Thinking about its projected growth and plan a bit.

I enjoy the research of every thing that that is part of it, nutrients, co2, substrate... I'm plant oriented.

The maintenance is far apart enough now that feels therapeutic when I do it, cleaning glass, trimming, testing and feeding the shrimp. Organizing my instruments and stuff so it looks neat.

Great thread! :)
I love watching my fish in a naturalistic environment. I know my plant choices aren't area authentic but the fish haven't seemed to notice so its all good.
Watching it. I love seeing my scrimps picking at things, doing the shrimp thing. Also, I love plants but since I have cats... they will destroy most plants on land I have and if I put them on my windowsill outside, the neighbors will destroy them while high or their toddlers will smash them. So aquatic plants it is!
All of my critters. Watching my shrimp graze and seeing babies, watching my dwarf frogs floating on the top of the tank chilling, seeing my turtles on the basking dock in their superman pose, seeing the neat looking platy babies from all different colored parents swimming around, after adding light and ferts, seeing my val's that stayed 3" long for over a year to over 36" long and my hydro rose plant growing really nice with root tabs, and just enjoying my tanks.
getting macro shots of the fauna or growth points and pearling on the plants.
You couldn't have said it any better, Jake. I agree with you 100%.
For me, it is when I step back a bit and to look at the tank as a while. How green it looks. How lush the chainsword narrow leafs are carpeting. Yeah, the fishes are ok but they swim and all. :) And how happy I feel to see that every inch of my substrate is growing with plants. Now, I don't want to look too close because I still have some BBA on couple of leaves.
I love how peaceful my tanks are, its brings calm to my hetic life. It helps me to relax. The sound of water falling into the tank helps bring peace to my mind, and destress me. Sometimes it makes me have to pee.

I love how a simple change like moving a rock or shifting a piece. Of driftwood can completely change the dynamics of the tank.

I also have enjoyed the community that comes with it both on tpt, and locally.

And sometimes there's the god complex of this amazing ecosystem that I have created. It's something you just cant get with any other hobby.
Kicking back with a dirty martini and just watching.
ehh i do the "follow the finger" with my fishie which relaxes me. If he is happy, I'm happy :icon_mrgr
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