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What's the best way to grow/trim Lindernia rotundifolia 'Variegated'?

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I have some Lindernia rotundifolia 'Variegated' which is growing like mad in my tanks, but I'm not sure how to trim the plant to show it off best.

Right now, I'm letting it grow the way it wants to. It's growing fast, branching many times. But the bottom quickly gets very leggy. Then the whole plant uproots itself and ends up floating at the top of the tank.

Should I trim it to stay short like a ground cover? Is it too fast growing for a high tech setup (bright light, high concentration of CO2, EI ferts)? Would it do better in one of my low tech tanks (medium light, no CO2, no ferts)?

I love the look of the plant itself, but not the way it's currently growing. What's the best way to grow this plant to stop it from getting so leggy and uprooting itself?

Here's a link to google images of the plant:
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Looks like no one else knows what to do with this plant either. So I just threw most of it away. I put a few stems in one of my 29g tanks to see if it does better in a low tech setting, but have given up on growing it in a high tech setting for now.
Too late. It's gone. I'm doing too much cleaning to be selling stuff right now. Maybe later once I get things more stable. I did keep a few stems in my 29g.
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