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Whats the best color temperature for plants growth and fish visuals?

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I have a hood that i can fit two bulbs in it
Either two of the same or each different
What are your opinions?

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SunPaq Daylight 6700°K
SunPaq Dual Daylight 6700°K/10000°K

I think Dual Daylight will be the best because it has both 6700K and 10000K, which gives you the best plant growth and looks. Actinic is only for saltwater.
I would get the 6700k, current usas bulbs tend to be very blue IMO.

How many tubes does your tank require?
Another vote for Dual Daylight (6.7K and 10K). I think it's a very pleasing combination to the eye. However, I will add the caveat that I'm not sure it's the best for growth. Plant-specific bulbs usually appear more pinkish.
I currently use an 8 bulb t5 ho fixture. I run 4-6700k 3-10,000k and 1-20,000k and i really like the way it looks. The 20,000k was kind of a random decision, but since i added it the transparent fins on my angel fish have had a lot more visible color.
GE 9325K....:thumbsup:
X2 if it's an option for you.
I wish they made these in 96 watt PCs :(
If it's a 55W PC bulb, there is none better than the GE 9325K.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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