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What's going on? Growth stopped?

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Unfortunatly this has to be my first post. I started my first planted tank about 6 months ago. Its a 29gal tank with 55watt CF light for 7.5 hours. I started with 2 DIY co2 setups going to a power head. An AC 110 power filter and EcoComplete. I've been using the EI for dosing. Everything had been going great for the first 5 months, tons of growth, pearling a little bit of algae but nothing terrible. The past month though has been tough, nothing has changed routine wise. I did add another DIY co2 and hooked up all 3 to the power head. But I modified the power head and made a vortex. This is when all the trouble started. My pH dropped to 6.8, Ok good a bit more consistancey but the plant growth in the tank stopped, and the algae took off! And its been this way for about 3 weeks now. I took the vortex off and the pH returned to the normal 7.2 but the algae is still growing and the plant growth has all but stopped. I used to get about 1/2"-3/4" in a few days, now I've seen only about 1/4" in a bit over a week. Tests: amonia 0, nitrite 0, Nitrate 60, ph 7.2 What happend? Oh if it makes a difference the plants are, rotatla indica, ludwigia repens, micro sword and anubias cofferi(sp). Thank you for any help!!
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I'd do a couple of big water changes to get the nitrates down. From what I've seen in my own tanks, when the water is too rich, the plants quit growing and the algae takes off.
I'll give that a shot. Thank you.
Are the Nitrates higher than normal for that tank? If Yes, then You need to test for P also......If P is High too, then You are probably bottoming out on K or micros. Probably K, while the micros are building also.....

WCs can help get the N and P down--if they are both High, but won't fix the problem if you have a K or micros limitation....

Have You increased the Bio Load (Fish) recently?
I've been experience the exact same thing. Today i'll do a big water change in the tank clean up the DIY co2 and filter intake and returns. I've been pondering that myself. I was getting growth like i never thought i would now they are there but not really doing a helluva lot. I suppose its past time to see what i'm missing or have in abundance in there.

I do know variation between our tanks is nitrate i have rather low nitrate so i'll start boosting that after the water change.

Glad i'm not alone in the mystery slow down in plant growth. The only plant growing super fast in my tank is bladderwort.

I did add another DIY co2 and hooked up all 3 to the power head. But I modified the power head and made a vortex. This is when all the trouble started.
You said it yourself with the above statement. (Vortex with more co2), just remember the old adage: "If it aint broke, don't fix it".:thumbsup: I would go back to what you already had since it was working just fine, after doing the above water change mentioned things should return to normal eventually, but if the algae is a problem just remove all you can find on the glass and ornaments/ heater/ filtertubes etc., and if you do not already have a algae eating crew get some shrimps, MTS snails, and 1 single bristlenose to eat the stuff up.

I've yet to do the water change. Life got in the way again. No increases in the fish load, and I have 2 Otto's, there was 3 but one disapeared recently. They've been extra fat lately eatign all the algae. I really should buy a phosphate test kit as well but that will have to come later in the mean time I'll do some water changes, and make sure I give everyting a good scrub down. Thank you for all the help everyone!
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