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What's a good MH or HQI for 150g tank? 4Lx24Wx29H

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I currently have the 48" JBJ formasa with 260w and a coralife 130w lightning system. I have to lower the water level to 22 inches in height instead of 29in, so the light can reach the bottom for my HC to grow.
can anyone recommend a good MH or HQI system under $400?

anyone use the 48" 2x150w HQI Current USA Sunpod Metal Halide Fixture?
or should i get the Tek T5 HO 48" with 8 lamp Flourescent?

thanks everyone.
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With that sort of depth involved (29 in.) you will be best off with MH to get the maximum light intensity.
How bout going with a retro fit I got a PFO retro and they are very nice I use it on a 30" tank and works great
just google PFO lighting retro fit
SunlightSupply's LumenMax has been getting great reviews also PFO pendants are good. Both are ~$140ea. Both do a really good job at light distribution. 2 pendants would be in order. Factoring ballasts and bulbs and I'm afraid we are well above you $400 budget. HQI is the way to go for MH imo. Reeftankers are constantly upgrading lights and you can easily find good deals on ebay or cragslist etc. Probably go 250watters so you can raise them up to get the light spread you'll want

If you have a canopy on your aquarium I would highly suggest some ICECAP t5 retrokits. KILLER reflectors. Being able to evenly space them across your tank would be ideal. 6 would grow your HC. The PFO retrokits as the poster stated are very a canopy.

If you have or are aiming for an open tank look the TEK 6x -should- grow your HC how you would like. The 324 Tek watts are going to blow away the 390 from your current fixtures. If you are getting pretty good HC growth by draining 7 inches of water I think the 6x should suffice. The 8x is only what $30 more..? My concern would be getting enough light front to back. I haven't read anything regarding TEK fixtures in such a wide tank. 8 lamps would be nice, and perhaps would be a good idea for the flexibility, extra width, and added oomph if needed

Stay away from the sunpod..

Aquactinics Constellation 7x54w T5HO.. really kick ass wtfpwn light man, this fixture will rock your tank... and I'd be jealous big time :D

Call/Email Bob for TEKs at SeedsEtc He has a store on shipping and geissmanns for $15. Thats a lot of saved money on shipping. 8xtek = $540 shipped and bulb'd. nice

ps: sweet tank! all that depth and height must be fun to scape!
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Have you ever considered AHSupply?
:biggrin: nm
thanks lemonlime, yeah the tank is excellent. i love my tank dept. however it just the lightning system that is such a pain. i spent so much $$$ already. and another $500 is a lot. but i already expected the price i have to pay when going into this hobby.
thanks folks for the advices. what other systems you recommend?
Have you ever considered AHSupply?
tropicalfish, yeah i have considered the AHsupply, but my tank is an open tank. i dont think its a good idea since my tank is too tall.
Wow great find Raul..I would still go with the 250w considerings the tank dimensions but its only a few bucks more.

You could also consider gutting your current CF fixtures and get some AHsupply reflectors. Would be a really inexpensive option. Would take some tinkering and some stock striplights but it would increase the light on target a ton.

Has great prices on 150W MH electronic-ballast retrofits.
Hey raul-7, thanks for helping. have anyone ever used TEK 8lamps T5 ? it's about $539 with everything.
I'm not sure using T5's or PC's are the way to go, IMHO, especially with that sort of depth. It's not about wattage or light spread (more bulbs), it's about intensity.
I'm not sure using T5's or PC's are the way to go, IMHO, especially with that sort of depth. It's not about wattage or light spread (more bulbs), it's about intensity.

HC grown with 250w of t5? :eek5:
omg, that's crazy. with only 250w of t5. that's amazing.
Aye..albeit Knott is a premier aquascaper, even so.. it show it can be done beautifully. Surely he is using retrokits of some sort.

Like I posted before the 6x54 should be enough, but the TEK fixtures are quite narrow and given the marginal price increase from 6->8...

Rauls suggestion for the hellolight retros would be a great option. The reflectors look very similar to PFO/Lumenmax. My only concern would be the longevity and quality of the ballasts and protecting the 'fixture' from condensation.

I'm sure you could get 2 LumenMax and do some homework regarding ballasts to fit your budget.

It's really a toss up from those..well IMO. MH can make a tank look really pretty.

I can totally understand your feelings regarding dumping more money into a tank replacing something you already spent a lot of money on. I have a closet with all sort of broken inadequate and idle equipment.. some bought at the LFS for way too much. Your current fixtures are still good for people with smaller tanks and you could help out someone just getting started by selling them here for a decent price to recoup some of your me you are not alone :D
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Oliver Knott typically does not "grow" his HC much. He plants them pretty much in mats. Thats not to say it won't grow though.
Ah good point I wasn't aware of his strategy regarding HC. Something to consider.. actually growing these highlight plants vs. a stasis show tank.

Nonetheless 250w and at a minimum holding HC steady is worth factoring into the OP's dilemma. Alas I think I've exhausted any laudable input for the particular application that I can provide.

Baowow: Since your aquarium is already planted, when you choose your next lighting setup, perhaps you could post the results? Would be nice to have real life before and after descriptions given your tank's dimensions and the HC. So many threads like this end up at a dead end, and having the results would be a great addition to the community.
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